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·  Increase your company business network and explore new market potential in Central Asia & Japan
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·  Access to public authority websites, external business and economic reviews, external videos
·  Company listing with logo. Only premium members can access full company information and contact details.

To Become A Premium Member, you should register your company first and join a premium membership. After we confirm your application we will provide your registered company a full access to CACG services.
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For Japanese companies:
Premium Membership fee in Japanese yen:

100,000 ¥ ................1 year
150,000 ¥.................2 years
200,000 ¥.................3 years
300,000 ¥...............Unlimited Membership

For Central Asian companies:
Premium Membership fee in US dollar:

50 $........................1 year
80 $........................2 years
100 $.................... 3 years -
200 $.....................Unlimited membership 
What you can get more as a Premium Member?
·  Your company personalized page
·  Contact to business partners listed in CACG system and offer your product and services
·  50% off  for banner advertisements  (send inquiry for banner ads)
·  Your business proposal is prioritized and disseminated among CACG member companies. 
·  Access to the available market research reports and potential business projects and industry analysis to determine market openness, common practices, tariffs and taxes, distribution channels, and other important considerations
·  Obtain trade statistics that indicate which countries import your type(s) of products
·  Obtain the list of potential investment projects in your interested business area
·  Premium members can identify three to five of the most statistically promising business opportunities for further assessment, in particular:

CACG  Assesses Targeted Markets
·      Examine consumption and production of competitive products, as well as overall demographic and economic trends in the target country.
·      Ascertain the sources of competition, including the extent of domestic industry production and the major foreign countries the firm would compete against.
·      Analyze factors affecting marketing and use of the product in each market, such as end-user sectors, channels of distribution, cultural factors, and business practices.
·      Identify any trade controls and barriers (tariff or nontariff) for the product being imported into the country.
·      Identify trade and investment incentives to promote your product or service.
·      Determine whether your product is price competitive after you've figured in packaging, shipping, marketing, sales commissions, taxes & tariffs, and other associated costs.